Hope For COVID-19 Survivors’ Long-Term Recovery

ALTADENA, Calif., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The rate of hospital admissions due to COVID-19 is declining (CDC) thanks to…

ALTADENA, Calif., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The rate of hospital admissions due to COVID-19 is declining (CDC) thanks to mask wearing, social distancing, avoiding gathering in large groups and vaccination. Although most Americans with COVID-19 recover relatively quickly, for some the recovery process is long. Led by UC Denver’s Drs. Erlandson and Stevens-Lapsley, a multi-disciplinary team is leveraging a novel tele-rehabilitation technology, developed by BlueMarble Health, to track and guide COVID-19 survivor’s long-term recovery.

The Predictors of Recovery and App-Facilitated Tele-Rehabilitation for COVID Survivors (AFTER) program contains a unique digital-based platform that includes home exercise routines complete with avatars, novel UI, and other ways to empower and encourage adherence to exercise. Dashboards and insightful reporting, help the physical therapist to monitor participant activity at home and then provide feedback and biobehavioral coaching during regular therapy sessions.

The AFTER program incorporates specific features of the Blue Marble Platform such as strength (mini squats, lunges, rows), balance (standing on one leg), and endurance (walking) exercises as well as built-in safety monitoring tools such as measures of breathlessness and exertion. Other unique features of the Platform are the educational modules which provides the AFTER study participants with knowledge about how their lungs work, and stress reduction techniques, among other topics AFTER’s novel approach to tele-rehabilitation enables it to draw in and engage people who would not typically have access to these services such as those who live in rural areas or for whom travel is a challenge. With the support of Blue Marble’s Platform, participants limit their travel time and associated expenses and can be introduced to new exercises from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Coloradans interested in participating in the AFTER program can go to movement4everyone.com or call (303) 724-9590. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of this technology (Blue Marble’s Health in Motion platform) within your community, contact Chris Ashford 626.296.6227 or email Chris@bluemarblehealthco.com.

The study is scheduled to end in August 2021. This work will help inform the treatment of other similarly challenged populations such as older adults living in remote locations. Particularly for people who don’t have access to a gym or similar facility or for those whose conditions that make travel nearly impossible, this program offers an accessible alternative method to engage in an exercise program. Additionally, clinicians have access to real-world patient data longitudinally. Patients who are adherent to and benefiting from the home-based program can continue to recover in the safety and convenience of their own homes. The data can also identify those who may benefit from an in-person supervised exercise program.

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