iRoc Space Radio Launches World’s Quickest Daily Space News Digest with A1st Media

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In its continued trajectory to the stars, iRoc Space Radio (a subsidiary of Intergalactic…

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In its continued trajectory to the stars, iRoc Space Radio (a subsidiary of Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation, (iRoc)) has procured A1st Media to produce a brand new, tightly scripted (three minutes or less) Space News segment to its programming for both listeners on earth and eventually off planet. iRoc Space Radio News can be streamed live from five times daily at: 3am, 7am, 12pm, 5pm, and 10pm local geocentric time. iRoc Space Radio imbues its playlists with songs that boast a space motif (think David Bowie’s "Space Oddity," to OneRepublic’s "Counting Stars"). iRoc Space Radio has struck yet another ground-breaking, unique niche in the space community with this weekly Space News segment whose mission can be summarized in its official slogan: "Your Go To Place in the Galaxy for the Latest in Space News, Culture & Entertainment."

"iRoc Space Radio is our galaxy’s first station dedicated to Space News 5 times daily with music!" –Bruce Furst, CEO iRoc

A1st Media is primed, like a rocket with extra hydrazine to burn, to report the ever-changing landscape of space technology and its trail blazing achievements at light speed.

"A1st Media aims to make iRoc Space Radio News segment unprecedented in its ability to give you the top space headlines from around the world in just three minutes or less AND, to be scripted with the panache of a serious BBC News anchor meets E! Entertainment News for a fresh, smart, witty take on all news space related, no PhD required." A1st Media is a bicoastal (NY/ CA) media firm whose clients and experience range from television (Modern Living with Kathy Ireland; 198 Million Viewership Internationally) to American Airlines programs (Business Talk 360; Viewership 4 Million per 2 Months) along with brand management and negotiations.

iRoc Space Radio was founded by Bruce Furst, under the umbrella of the parent company Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation (iRoc). iRoc is an Austin based provider of licensing, content, and brand marketing for use exclusively off planet earth: above the Karman Line. iRoc will also serve as the distributor of content by becoming the first broadcast network for the first wave of space tourists, space hotels, other operators above the Karman Line (100 kilometers / 62 miles above sea level), not excluding even entertainment for other intergalactic planets and worldly beings. iRoc Founder and CEO Bruce Furst has over 20 years of licensing experience terrestrially (below the Karmen Line) as being a direct licensee of SonyBMG Records, Paramount Pictures Film Library and Major League Baseball Players Association. "Since its embryonic establishment in 2016, iRoc has been strategizing the launch of iRoc Space Radio to take flight- We are excited to be the first at special 2021 milestones that lie ahead. Stay tuned!" – Bruce Furst, CEO iRoc

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