Massive Debate: Educators vs Parents On Keeping Schools Closed. As Covid Crisis Continues, The Future Elite Academy Offers A New Solution For Student Athletes

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As California takes a turn back towards stricter Covid-19 regulations, school systems…

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As California takes a turn back towards stricter Covid-19 regulations, school systems take a drastic and long-term detrimental hit. Los Angeles Unified School District as well as surrounding county school districts will indefinitely hold classes remotely online for all students.

Where does this leave children with an almost full day of free time, little to no structure and little to no schooling? Falling behind, unpreparedness, street violence and crime increase are just the beginning of many concerns industry professionals and parents are vocalizing.

The Future Elite Academy knows middle school years are the most crucial of young adolescence; structuring identities, habits, social circles, morality, ethics and mental and emotional growth. Based solely around the grades of 7th, 8th and now with greater reason, crucial 8th grade reclassification, The Future Elite Academy (TFEA) recognizes their mission with full clarity. Focusing on over 4 hours of common core and modern-day supplementary curriculum and 2.5 hours of athletic performance training, TFEA, now more than ever finds it their duty to provide children with a way out of the obstacles to soon be faced ahead.

TFEA has one goal: take as many children out of paths of destruction or situations of limited growth opportunity. This includes accommodating the well-being and future of suburban and inner-city youth athletes by making their athletic education more financially feasible.

Using all precautionary methods supervised internally, TFEA will pave their own path during the 2020-2021 school year by ensuring a safe and clean healthy and positive high-caliber educational environment.

How we handle today’s humanitarian crisis will affect tomorrow, the future and generations to come. The Future Elite Academy, true to its mission, will continue on with a goal to support academic and athletic success for youth athletes in both mind and body, as they are our future.

To learn more about The Future Elite Academy’s unique approach to both education and training for your child, or to learn how you can help children without the choice please visit or reach out directly at

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