Spartan Drilling Services Applauds US$49 Million Assured for Mozambique Safe Water Provisions

LONDON, March 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — News reports confirm that US$49 million is committed to improve the water sector and…

LONDON, March 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — News reports confirm that US$49 million is committed to improve the water sector and to guarantee access to water for 64% of the population in Mozambique who are struggling with supply.


The theme of UN World Water Day 2021, is ‘Valuing Water’ encouraging consideration that ‘the value of water is about much more than its price’. World Water Day focuses on the 6th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, to ensure life-saving clean drinking watersanitation, and hygiene for all by 2030.

In Mozambique, Wayne Landsberg, founder of Spartan Drilling Services (SDS), said: «SDS, with its main client, has repaired and restored 100 boreholes out of 200 that still need unblocking.» He adds: ‘We are often the first responders and our swift action restores the communities to some semblance of normality. SDS understand the real story of human connection, thoughts and feelings about water provision and mining exploration values in Africa

Our case study about Mozambique reports: the 3 cyclones; ruined 136,755 hectares of crops, destroyed 9 schools and damaged 17 or more other schools and 11 hospitals. 1,069 houses destroyed, 3,343 partially destroyed, and 1,500 flooded. (Source: INGD). The extent of climate change devastation was captured on satellite images shown on news channels around the world.

The cyclones impacted the water table, blocked, and contaminated more than 700 boreholes supplying the only clean water. Boreholes were mostly rendered unusable. In January 2021, over 15,000 people in Central Mozambique were staying in accommodation centres after their homes were devastated by Cyclone Eloise.

SDS were amongst the ‘first responders’ to navigate tricky terrain where roads and fields became mud swamps, reducing villagers to homelessness and despair. SDS began the arduous repair and rehabilitation of the boreholes, mainly in the Tete Province where they found dwellings surrounded by swirling water that was undrinkable. Because human beings cannot exist without water for more than 3 days, SDS restored drinking water immediately.

SDS maximise its entire workforce to aid in the rehabilitation of boreholes and restoration of water to devastated communities. The aim is to quickly restore clean water and to allow communities to regain their lives and livelihoods.

SDS are usually simultaneously delivering both water and exploratory drilling services in both Greenfields and existing mining operations, to further empower the region using various disciplines in the form of auger, air core, diamond core, reverse circulation to include reverse circulation grade control. 

SDS deploys specialist teams for borehole rehabilitation throughout 2021, showing courage and self-discipline, working in difficult environments, to bring out the best in Mozambique and to bring out the best in Africa.

About Spartan Drilling Services

Spartan Drilling Services (SDS), established in 2016, has humanitarian and environment values with skill to navigate uncertain terrain bringing turn-key drilling solutions to international funders and clients in Mozambique who require drinkable water and/or mineral exploration drilling services. Both these Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE), approved services are linked, because the mining sector is a key contributor of water provision, economic empowerment, and environmental protection. SDS is now also registered in the UK.


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