TKO Farms Graviola Now Ripe for New Markets

TUSTIN, Calif., March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TKO Farms, the world’s leading agricultural innovator and cultivator of graviola and a leading source…

TUSTIN, Calif., March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TKO Farms, the world’s leading agricultural innovator and cultivator of graviola and a leading source of high-value crops including teak and other commercially-precious hardwood trees, coconuts, sopadilla, cacao, and citrus fruits, announced today the details of its graviola operations.

Expanding on a Rich Agricultural Tradition

Nestled into a protected scenic and lush area of biodiverse Belize near the capital city of Belmopan, TKO Farms is a 912-acre agricultural oasis featuring over 80,000 fruit bearing trees and 130,000 exotic hardwood trees, together providing a steady supply of exports to discerning customers around the world. 

«For generations, this land has produced some of the finest agricultural products available in Belize or anywhere else in the world,» said Evan Matzner, COO of TKO Farms. «Under our careful stewardship for the past five years, what is now TKO Farms has been lovingly and sustainably expanded beyond teak and mahogany trees to now be the world’s largest graviola producer»

To date, TKO Farms has also built three stunning, fully-furnished cottage retreats on the farm. Cottages provide a complete immersion into Belize and its culture, into TKO Farms operations, and serve as a way for TKO Farms to directly share the magic, beauty, and their work with invited guests.

Moving into Health and Wellness 

Having recognized the demand for high-end consumer health and wellness product ingredients, TKO Farms is expanding beyond exotic hardwoods and foods by dedicating a substantial portion of its cultivation operations specifically to cacao and graviola – premium, highly sought-after ingredients utilized in luxury health and beauty product formulation. 

Graviola: The Next Transformational Ingredient

Graviola (also known as soursop and Brazilian pawpaw) is used for a variety of purposes and has long been a staple of traditional medicine as well as a food source in Belize and South America. Due to the difficulty in producing high quality fruit, graviola routinely retails for $10-15 per pound in the US, and quality produce is very limited. 

«We recognized in graviola the next potentially transformational health and wellness ingredient,» said Ken Owen, Chairman of TKO Farms. «The difficult nature of growing world-class graviola fruit presented significant challenges and initially served as a major barrier to its potential for commercial success. Our team of crop scientists and agriculturalists have passionately pursued a solution to overcoming these challenges and are now able to bring what we believe to be the world’s finest graviola to consumers everywhere.» 

Details of TKO Farms new crops, upcoming consumer product focus and other information regarding its expected entry into the health and wellness market are imminently forthcoming.     

About TKO Farms

Located approximately 5 miles from the capital city of Belmopan in the Cayo District of Belize, TKO Farms is an agricultural operation consisting of hardwoods (such as teak and mahogany) and fruit trees including coconut, citrus and graviola. TKO Farms has expanded from its original 160-acre single plot into three areas now totaling over 900 acres.

Beyond its existing staple crops, TKO Farms is expanding its cultivation and processing of antioxidant-rich leaves from the graviola tree, and premium cacao. 

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