Vieworks to reinforce its portfolio with superfast 16k TDI Line Scan Camera

ANYANG, South Korea, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vieworks, a global leader in machine vision industry, launched its newest 16k…

ANYANG, South Korea, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vieworks, a global leader in machine vision industry, launched its newest 16k hybrid Time Delayed Integration (TDI) line scan camera – VT-16K5X-H300. The latest model in Vieworks’ VT Series of TDI cameras achieves a maximum line rate of up to 300 kHz with up to 256 x higher sensitivity. With such improved speed and sensitivity, VT-16K5X-H300 is expected to respond to market’s ever-increasing need for high performance cameras for demanding applications such as flat panel display inspection, wafer inspection, printed circuit board inspection, and high-performance document scanning.  

Hybrid TDI: Higher Performance at Lower Cost

Hybrid TDI is a novel and award-winning hybrid sensor technology introduced by Vieworks. VT Series, Vieworks’ Hybrid TDI line scan cameras, enables users to take advantage of CCD’s high-quality imaging and CMOS’s high-speed imaging capabilities. Hybrid TDI cameras also improve affordability for customers as the CMOS structure of the chip provides high readout speed, eliminating the need for costly external circuitry.

Faster Inspection: High Speed Camera and Bidirectional Scanning Operation

Time has been one of the major concerns for industrial inspection systems. VT-16K5X-H300 can be a solution to high-speed machine vision systems with drastically improved line speed of up to 300kHz (ROI 16,000 pixels). With such high-speed, customers can save time and improve efficiency for their inspection systems. VT-16K5X-H300 also enables bidirectional scanning operation which scan objects in different directions using same inspection system. This can reduce machine cycle time for large objects such as PCBs.

Higher Sensitivity Even in Limited Lighting Conditions

Sensitivity is another significant specification to demanding inspection applications. VT-16K5X-H300 offers better way other than scanning objects multiple times by using up to 256 multiple line scan stages. As the resulting sensor resolution is equal to the number of pixels in one line multiplied by the number of lines, also called stages, VT-16K5X-H300 offers up to 256 x increase in sensitivity. With a single multiple-staged scan, the model can observe fast moving objects for detecting defects, measuring, and sorting during manufacturing processes even under low light conditions.

Better Usability: Compact Size and Low Power Consumption

VT-16K5X-H300 has been designed in a compacter size to help easier installations into new and existing system. OEMs can readily integrate the new camera into their systems for better performance without having to worry about the size. Also, VT-16K5X-H300 operates with low power to save energy consumption. Lower power consumption also translates into less heat, ensuring higher stability in camera performance.

«We are excited to present our latest hybrid TDI camera, an innovative yet affordable solution for our customers in need to increase efficiency in their industrial inspection systems,» said Ms. Lee, Sales Manager at Vieworks. «VT-16K5X-H300 is ideal for those who are looking to upgrade their inspection systems with faster speed, higher sensitivity, and stronger usability.»

Key Features:

  • 16k Hybrid TDI Line Scan
  • CoaXPress Interface up to 300 ㎑ at 50 Gbps using 8 CH
  • Bidirectional Operation with up to 256 TDI Stages
  • Exposure Control
  • Advanced DSNU and PRNU Correction
  • Trigger Rescaler and Strobe Output Control
  • GenICam Compatible – XML based Control

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With the state-of-the-art technology in imaging, Vieworks presents to the machine vision industry a wide variety of industrial cameras. Vieworks introduced an ultra-high resolution industrial camera using the pixel shift technology. It is the technology that broke through the physical limitation of the camera sensor and achieved much higher resolution, allowing users pinpoint even the error of a single tiny pixel. Also, the camera using the thermoelectric cooling technology drops the sensor temperature down to a level that is up to 20 degrees lower than the ambient temperature to maintain uniform image quality. In addition, the hybrid TDI (time delayed integration) sensor, which Vieworks developed for the first time in the world, combines only the strengths of the CMOS sensor and the CCD sensor, demonstrating the industry’s top performance. For more information, please visit

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